Your Technology Partner

Tentrine can Add Value to Your Business!

We offer a comprehensive range of Tools & Services to Improve the Management, Administration and Internet Presence of Your Business. Each Member of Our Team is an Expert with Many Years Experience in their Respective Fields.

OUR ERP System Comprehensive & Customizable

A user friendly ERP system that will greatly enhance productivity and further the effective management of your company. The system is easy to use and implement.

Websites & Apps Custom Designs, Database Integration

Quality Websites & Mobile Apps that will enhance your internet presence. Leads are automatically allocated to the ERP System from where quotations can be built and customer relationships managed.

Videos & Ads Professional & Affordable

Get your message out there! Our Specialities include Corporate and Training Videos as well as Ads Destined for YouTube and TV Channels. Tentrine Manages the entire process.

Networking Experienced Experts

Our networking experts are proficient in CISCO, Juniper and other telecommunications networking technologies. Various solutions and troubleshooting options are available.

Our Clients

Our clients include established large companies as well as fast growing medium sized enterprises reliant on the wide range of digital solutions offered by Tentrine.

Reasons to Partner with Tentrine

Cost Saving & Improved Management

The cost involved in implementing a Tentrine ERP System will in a short period of time be recovered through reduction in staff numbers, increased productivity and improved management efficiency.


The various members of the Tentrine team are all seasoned experts in their respective fields. All are committed to utilizing their years of experience to the benefit of your organization.


Tentrine prides itself in dealing with Integrity, offering clients reliable solutions tailored to the requirements of their business and the industry in which they operate. All members of our team have proven to have a moral compass. We each expect from each other to strive to do the right thing in all circumstances.

Commitment to Clients

Whether you are a large or small customer, we are committed to providing you with services of exceptional quality, that will add value to your enterprise. A general yardstick by which we measure ourselves is whether we have saved a company a great deal more or have increased a company's gross profit by a great deal more than the cost of Tentrine's services.

Thinking Outside the Box

Often difficult circumstances or problems require a new approach. The fact that our team consists of individuals from various disciplines all working together to create real world solutions, make it possible for us to propose new strategies based on a consensus of disciplines rather than a single perspective.

Technologies Utilized

Our ERP Systems as well as the Websites and Applications we offer are built with the latest versions of these Technologies.